Paddy O'Cinnamon, The Cinnamon Bear debuted the day after Thanksgiving in 1937.  Airing mostly in the Portland, Oregon market, Cinnamon Bear created life-long memories for many people and is still creating memories through broadcasts each Christmas season.  The show has many fans who heard the broadcasts and either found recordings or heard it on the radio again then introduced it to their children and grandchildren.  Cinnamon Bear has even inspired fan clubs where people share their memories.

The show was sponsored by the Lipman-Wolfe and Company for many years.  Lipman-Wolfe and Company was a department store chain in the Portland, OR area.  Along with Santa Claus Cinnamon Bear appeared live in the stores handing out cookies to the kids.  In 1979 Lipman's was sold and renamed Frederick and Nelson.  The new owners maintained the sponsorship for the Cinnamon Bear broadcast as well as having him hand out cookies.  

Eventually, Frederick and Nelson closed it's doors and the Lipman name was gone forever but Cinnamon Bear lives on.  Radio station's K103 in Portland and Kool 99.1 in Eugene still air Paddy O'Cinnamon every year. Paddy is also popular in the Chicago market. It was sponsored by Wieboldt Department Store's Toyleria.

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