Paddy O'Cinnamon, The Cinnamon Bear ran for 26 episodes beginning after Thanksgiving and ending just before Christmas.  Each episode was 15 minutes long and ends with a compelling cliffhanger, keeping people coming back to see what happens to Judy, Jimmy, and Paddy.  

EPISODE 1 - Paddy O'Cinnamon
Twins Judy and Jimmy Barton have written their letters to Santa and are decorating their Christmas tree when they discover that the silver star ornament is missing.  After much thinking with their mother, they remember that Uncle Ned put some of the ornaments in the attic so up to the attic they go in search of the star.  Instead they find a four inch tall stuffed bear, a quilt and a spyglass.  As Jimmy is looking through the spyglass, he sees the bear move which is just not possible. By way of introduction, he sings "I"m the Cinnamon Bear with the Shoe Button Eyes". The bear's name is Paddy O'Cinnamon. He tells the kids that the Crazy Quilt Dragon stole the star and he wants to help them get it back.

EPISODE 2 - Weary Willie
Two normal sized children can't possibly fit into a four-inch bear's airplane so Paddy helps the kids "de-grow" and shrink to Paddy's size. They all hop into the plane and head to Maybeland.  On the way, they meet Weary Willie the stork who is very thirsty. Since Paddy's plane is fueled by soda pop, Willie taps the tank and drinks all of the fuel leaving the plane empty and forcing the trio to land in Looking Glass Valley with sides that are way too steep to climb.

EPISODE 3 - Crazy Quilt Dragon
Weary Willie can see Paddy, Judy and Jimmy in the valley and apologizes for causing them to run out of gas.  He offers to fly them to the cliffs that look out over the Root Beer Ocean. What do they find but the Crazy Quilt Dragon asleep with the silver star. They scare Crazy Quilt awake with a "Boo" causing him to fall over the cliff and fall into the ocean.  After swimming ashore, he apologizes for stealing the star but he can't give it back since he lost it when he fell into the ocean.

EPISODE 4 - The Inkaboos
While talking together Paddy, Judy, Jimmy and Crazy Quilt a strange group of people come up to them.  They are the Inkaboos who are blotter people and a little cranky about their boundaries. After a brief enounter, Paddy, Judy and Jimmy are taken prisoner but Crazy Quilt escapes.  Taken to King Blotto for judgement, they are charged with trespassing and are sentenced to be thrown into the Immense Inkwell.

EPISODE 5 - Wesley The Wailing Whale
Before the trio can be dumped into the inkwell, the Indakoos find out the Royal Executioner has taken a day off and the assistant executioner cannot remember the words for the ceremony. The Inkadoos begin to debate amongst themselves about what they need to do.  As they debate, Crazy comes back with the Scissors Soldiers and fight the Inkadoos.  During the chaos, the kids and Paddy escape out to sea on Crazy Quilt's back.  As they are making their escape, Judy sees the star floating a short distance away.  Before they make it to the star, Wesley the Wailing Whale swallows it.

EPISODE 6 - Samuel Seal
To get the star back, Crazy Quilt suggests tickling Wesley, who is polka dotted, causing him to cough up the star.  The plan works but Samuel Seal gets star and begins to juggle it on his nose because that is what juggling seals do...they juggle.  When Samuel gives the star one final toss into the air, Penelope Pelican catches the star and flies away.

EPISODE 7 - Presto The Magician
Sad but determined, Crazy Quilt swims to the shore so his companions can dry out. While drying out they meet Presto the Magician who is about as inept a magician as you can possibly find.  Presto insists on giving them a demonstration of his magical powers and accidentally pulls Penelope out of his hat which does not make her happy in the least.  When he grabbed her she was so startled that she dropped the star over an island called Obi. Naturally, the group wants to head to Obi so they begin looking for a boat but they find a treasure chest.  Where there are treasure chests there are usually pirates and sure enough they are surrounded by pirates!

EPISODE 8 - Candy Pirates
Not the bravest of dragons, Crazy Quilt bolts again leaving his friends to the mercy of the pirates. Paddy, Judy and Jimmy are marched aboard the ship--which is named the Suzy Q.--where they meet Captain Tatty.  Happily, they find out the Candy Pirates are very friendly and they all head out to Obi to help their new friends. Looking through the telescope as they approach the island, someone spots the Roly Poly Policeman patrolling the beach with the silver star pinned to his uniform.

EPISODE 9 - Roly Poly Policeman
The Candy Pirates were nice enough to give the trio a row boat before they set off for their original destination. As Paddy, Judy and Jimmy were rowing to shore, a magic wave interferes with their progress to keep them from getting to shore so they row to another part of the beach were the water is calm. After landing on the beach, they set of to find the Roly Poly Policeman.  When they find him, the star is no longer on his uniform. The policeman goes on to describe Crazy Quilt and explains that he gave him the star since the dragon was their friend.  The policeman points them in Crazy Quilt's direction.  While heading in the same direction in search of the dragon, Paddy disappears!

EPISODE 10 - Professor Whiz
Somehow, Paddy crossed some kind of invisible line followed by Judy and Jimmy.  Professor Whiz, a very smart owl, says he saw Crazy Quilt run into the Wintergreen Witch's home.  The trio head into the home, even though the Wintergreen Witch has a fearsome reputation, to find it empty except for a picture of a forest.  Since they were in a witch's house and the only thing around is the picture it must be magical so they try stepping through the picture.  Once in the woods, they meet Fraidy Cat who tells them about the huge giant who lives in the forest.  As Fraidy Cat is telling the story, the giant shows up causing the four of them to run away.

EPISODE 11 - Fee Fo, The Gentle Giant
There is really no need for the group to be afraid because, despite the giant's size, Fee Fo is very gentle. He take Paddy, Judy and Jimmy to a fabulous banquet in the Goody Good Grove. Night falls quickly in the forest and in the dark, they see two frightening yellow lights.

EPISODE 12 - Rhyming Rabbit
There was nothing to be afraid of after all - the lights are Crazy Quilts eyes! Wintergreen Witch put him in a trance. After the friends wake the dragon, they find out that the witch stole the star. They set off to find their way back to the witch's home but find themselves lost in the woods.  Jimmy remembers that Fee Fo the giant gave him a magic whistle. All he needs to do is whistle three times to bring the giant.  Unfortunately, Crazy Quilt swallows the whistle when he takes a big breath to inhale.

EPISODE 13 -  The Wintergreen Witch
Even though Crazy Quilt swallowed the whistle, he still manages to whistle three times.  Sure enough, Fee Fo comes to their rescue. Even though he might want to go with the friends, Fee Fo can't fit through the picture frame.  After going through the frame, the quartet find the witch and stand up to her, demanding the star back. She refuses and threatens to turn them into really horrible, ugly things. The witch sees her reflection in Judy's mirror and is shocked.  She is so shocked at her ugly appearance, she gives the children back the star.  They, however, let Crazy Quilt put the star in his pocket.  When they all get back to Maybeland, the dragon accidentally sits on the star, crushing it.

EPISODE 14 - Queen Melissa
Hoping that Queen Melissa can fix the star, Crazy Quilt suggests they visit her. Before they can see the queen, they have to meet the Grand Wunky who is the queen's attendant.  After explaining their predicament to the attendant, he takes them in to meet the queen.

EPISODE 15 - Snapper Snick, The Crocodile
Queen Melissa listens to their plight then writes special instructions, places them in an envelope and seals it.  She tells them that if they follow the instructions, they can restore the silver star. The catch is that the instructions must be read in total darkness. The Grand Wunky points them in the direction of the Wishing Woods telling them that they will find total darkness there.  When they get to the woods, they meet Snapper Snick, the Crooning Crocodile who promptly eats the instructions.

EPISODE 16 - Oliver Ostrich
Snapper Snick is near-sighted but he can "read" any writing  by eating it.  The queen's note tells them they need to go to the Wishing Well.  On the way they meet Oliver the Ostrich who's favorite foods are alarm clocks and bacon, a strange combination to say the least. The group eventually reach the Wishing Well but Paddy leans too far over the well and loses his balance, falling in the well.

EPISODE 17 - The Muddlers
There is only one way to rescue Paddy and that is to use the only wish they have. Tired and disheartened, Paddy, Judy, Jimmy, and Crazy Quilt make their way back to see Queen Melissa for more instructions. As they try to cross a river of mud, they meet the Muddler's who throw the group into a swamp.

EPISODE 18 - Cockleburr Cowboys
Just before sinking into the mud, the Cockleburr Cowboys ride to the rescue.  The quartet are happy to find out that the cowboys work for the queen and through them they can speak to the queen once again.  The queen is very understanding and gives them new instructions sending them across the Purple Plain to the Golden Grove to find the Singing Tree. As they are looking for another clue, they hear frightening screams.

EPISODE 19 - Wooden Indian
The group meet Chief Cook'n Bottlewasher who really liked Crazy Quilt's colorful skin.  The Chief wants to take Crazy Quilt's skin but Judy talks him into taking her mirror. When they reach the Golden Grove, Wintergreen Witch appears, demanding the broken star.  Without the mirror, Jimmy is forced to give the witch the pieces.

EPISODE 20 - Flying Hat
Wintergreen is still really mad at the group and is about to turn them all into frogs but Queen Melissa took away her powers.  The Grand Wunky appears to arrest the witch but he forces her to return the star before taking her away.  Tired from their adventures, the group falls asleep.  After some time they awaken to find a giant flying hat.

EPISODE 21 - Snowman
They take off in the flying hat heading for the Snow Country.  According to the queen's instructions they must find a person called Nicky Froodle.  A snowman they meet along the way points them to a castle where an elf named Nicky resides.  He takes them to the man himself, Santa Claus.

EPISODE 22 - Santa Clause
After welcoming everyone, he asks his flyng reindeer to take the friends to to see Jack Frost.  In no time, Jack fixes the star so well you can't even tell it was broken. Jack places the star on his window sill to cool but when it's time to go, the star is gone...again!

EPISODE 23 - The Bad Dolls
Jack quickly raises the window to see the Bad Dolls running away with the star.  Santa wastes no time calling out the tin soldiers to chase down the dolls.  Captain Tintop radios Santa to let him know that they are having problems because the Bad Dolls have an ally, a creature they have never seen before.

EPISODE 24 - The Parade
Queen Melissa tell's Santa that Wintergreen escaped from her confinement and is heading toward Snow Country.  Santa quickly sends Captain Tintop reinforcements to help take on the witch.  While the battle rages on elsewhere, Santa takes the group on a tour of his workshop. They finally get word that Captain Tintop has won the day and is returning with the star!

EPISODE 25 - Captain Tintop
The star is finally back with Judy and Jimmy and they are ready to get back home in time for Christmas.  Crazy Quilt decides to stay in Snow Country while Paddy, Judy and Jimmy are going to head home in Santa's sleigh.  As Jimmy climbs into the sleigh, he asks Crazy Quilt to hold the star which was a mistake.  Crazy Quilt takes off with the star...again.

EPISODE 26 - North Pole
Everyone quickly piles into the sleigh and they take off after Crazy Quilt who is heading toward the North Pole.  If Crazy Quilt makes it up the pole to the Misty Folk, he will escape with their star.  As Paddy hangs onto the dragon he has an idea and yells "Boo!" and he falls down the pole.  At the bottom of the pole they all scramble and the next thing the kids hear is Mother gently waking them up.  The kids were tangled in the crazy quilt coverlet in the attic.  Judy and Jimmy wonder what's been going on and Mother has no idea what they were doing all that time. To thank Paddy, they promise to hang the small, stuffed bear on the tree every year.

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